Jordyn Cormier is nothing if not a puppy at heart. She prefers to spend her time on long outdoor adventures. She takes regular walks and likes treats—in the forms of bacon, chocolate, or coffee—a lot. 

She writes about things that matter to her. She dances. She choreographs. She fiddles with her camera. When she can, she prefers to be immersed in wilderness. If confined indoors for too long, she gets incredibly antsy.    

Seeking an intensive treatment of adventure and tacos, Jordyn embarked on a solo cross-country road trip in May of 2016. During her travels, she paired her skills in writing, direction, and general silliness with her expensive BFA from the Boston Conservatory in order to create the Whims of Whimsy Project--which you should totally check out in the WHIMSY tab of the navigation bar.